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MONTANA TAYLOR - Duration: 1:29. wrigna1. Coochie Coupons Natashay Green Ft Majestic Royce Prod.By his death in 1969 he was the best-known folk-blues musician in America.PIPER and SKYLAR (and live member CODY) make up the dreamy, peace-loving Los Angeles fuzz-pop band PURO INSTINCT (formerly known as PEARL HARBOR).The stunning debut of ex-Gathering singer Anneke van Giersbergen and her companions.This will swap the average weather in. lock a excess average weather through Montana and. average weather in april.Together, they decided to turn this unlikely project into solid reality.The debut collection of improvisations Bubbles,Bubbles. was recorded in 2005 and was released on the label RAIG in 2007.The Spanish Suite was written to celebrate the contribution that Spain made to the European Renaissance.

Also includes a DVD of the show and a massive poster with 1.200 photo booth pictures.


Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso, one of the best examples of global contamination with special guest on vocals and bass John Wetton, formerly of Family, King Crimson, UK, Uriah Heep, Roxy Music and soul of Asia.A 1920s harmonium, which previously served the Salvation Army on the road, was a key instrument used in the early stages of writing and its slightly detuned melodies came to infect many other musical elements.Bill Black achieved lasting fame as the original bass player for Elvis Presley and during many of Elvis early performances often upstaged the singer with his antics on bass.BOOMGATES return with a second 7-inch that confirms what was suspected after their 2010 debut single on RIP Society: their debut was no fluke.The album featured classic material such as Heads and Wastelands of Sleep and was an indie chart hit upon release.

CCLR continue the tradition of Italian Progressive Rock groups, singing in English and bringing the genre up to date whilst acknowledging their past.Here comes the reissue on vinyl of the second cassette by the Swedish electro pioneers, originally released on their own tape-label in 1985.Outsiders last ever concert as registered in Den Haag, Netherlands on 11th may 1997.A kind of perfect theme tune to an imaginary police series or cult blaxploitation film, stuffed with wah-wah guitars, booming bass, furious clavinet and crazy sirens.The superior collective interplay on this recording is matched by the individual virtuosity of the four players, each a master voice on their respective instruments.Reissue of ANGE catalogue in new remastered versions presented.Assurant is a premier provider of targeted specialized insurance products in North America and selected other markets.The series of ongoing releases begins with the re-release of Bill s classic album Northern Dream, recorded on rudimentary equipment at Holyground studios in Wakefield in 1971.

It couples swing and straight eighths to develop a dance-floor tune full of breaks and counterpoint.The sound and style of Make It Reign lays somewhere between HC punk and death metal.Van Kaye alias Ed Van Kasteren (studying history of the arts and being singer of Monomen in the late 70s) and Ignit Bekken (performing artist, painter and studying to become an art-teacher) met in early 1980 and started woking and experimenting with synthesisers.

Limited to 500, all tracks re-mastered with revised layout and artwork, bonus tracks an liner notes by lead singer Mike Williams.Written in 1965 and first performed in December of that year at an AACM performance in Chicago.For his first album David Bedford engaged the services of Kevin Ayers (who provided vocals on Sad and Lonely Faces ), Mike.The second record released on Enfant Terrible back in 2005 was a compilation with music from the legendary Dutch tape label Trumpett.Live at Roadburn was recorded at the famous Roadburn Festival in 2008.It is a downer album but it also drifts into acid folk region.

Includes 2 rockabilly bonus tracks the artist recorded in 1958. 140 gram vinyl.The B-side is an instrumental reminiscent of the great Link Wray.Spanning the years 1937-1977 including tracks by Blue Sky Boys, Anglin Twins, Delmore Brothers, Brother Claude Ely and many more.

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Russian trio featuring Taras, the former guitar player of Stressor.Scoring a series of international hits, by 1975 the band had begun to adopt the use of synthesisers alongside the.When I declare him these stories he always laughs and tells me how he was impatient to gobble my coochie and.Debut album from Southern California scuzz-pop band featuring former singer of THE JAPANESE MOTORS.A rawer sprawl into the pregnant nowhere sound has yet to be waxed by these gents.Robert Lippok - a man in his mid-forties, who may be out-gunned year-wise by his three team-mates, but certainly in no other respects.Primarily built upon a strong foundation of punishing and persistent rhythms and cold, analogue pulsations, these are colossal soundscapes, where harsh, factory corrosion is met with insidious waves of distorted, electro-shock blasts streaked with highly ominous and bleak atmospherics as fueled.New compilation including 14 previously unknown library tracks.Includes a rare bonus track - a version of the Karl Denver hit Wimoweh.

This Atomhenge reissue has been newly re-mastered and features two bonus tracks, The Damage of Life and Riding.

Everything is separated and recorded perfectly: huge room drums, layered echo vocals, massive distance, bigger than anything.Formerly a CD - now available again as a 180-gram vinyl in a matte black and white cover with a new title and all new artwork made specifically for this release by their long time collaborator Ben Hughes.Features Jon from Assholeparade, Worlds, and Religious As Fuck.

Along with bands such as Fen and Wodensthrone, they represent the forefront of those black metal bands that could not come from anywhere else but here, in the same way that Negura Bunget could only be from Romania.Misty Range is knocking on the inner gates of your ears, you open but all you see is thick smoke and shadows in psychedelic shapes.This Esoteric Recordings reissue is newly re-mastered and fully restores the original album artwork.With his classically-trained bass-baritone singing voice, Hawkins conjured up ghoulish images both on stage and on his records.An uncontrollable musical UFO produced by the wild, for the wild, and finally wildly hallucinogenic.And even today he remains a self-renewing and innovative percussionist.In 1963 he was ranked Americas third most popular folksinger (after Harry Belafonte and Pete Seeger) and performed at Martin Luther King, Jr.s March On Washington.How would it be to create a French-singing, French-themed band called France.

This is an excellent track for playing in your car while driving at night.Reissue on CD of their 3rd album where a new vocalist Rusty Day (later of CACTUS) was added to the line-up.Forceful and massive as tectonic plates, evocative as the best trip of LSD, Beats of Olarizu is the voice when this is fused with the soul, the riff when it brings the creation fire, the blues when it belongs to the unleashed forces of nature.

Still, comes with two inserts - one numbered, with detailed tracklist, one with an interview (in German).Featuring Eric Clapton, Nigel Kennedy, Gary Brooker and others.This SF, CA duo, who have received critical acclaim for their awe-inspiring live sets and loop heavy soundscapes, have taken their sonic vision to a whole new level.This 1980s re-issue record will also close a chapter for Enfant Terrible.This Esoteric Recordings reissue also includes the A and B sides of two singles recorded by Lol Coxhill and David Bedford in 1971 and 1972.Band members were starting to believe that this album was cursed.Rough edged pop songs, with influences from punk and even doo-wop, performed with guitar, voice and drum kit.

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