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I make mistake on the store location it was Knox Abbott Dr. Cayce S.C.C.Even the room cleaners and floor sweepers are not permitted to wear them.My first thought was what an absolute dipstick brainless ningkimpooop.I requested my money back and the cashier requested for the manager to go to the register for the cash back and he sent another employee in his place.The problem with this was I got both write up at the same time and not even an hour after the second one had accured.The chicken was so undercooked it was like rubber, I had to throw it out.

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She kept the Moms in their place and all but one respected her.I was called in October for an interview, completed a portion of the test, and appeared for 3 weeks.If that were my business, I would send fake customers to better understand the deficiencies and put out a new management sign.

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We found out one of the managers was hiring friends an relatives and letting them have the pick of hours and calling the other workers and giving them what was left.When I pulled up to pay I received a dollar change and said they forgot my chili.But I want to make sure that for my inconvenience, disrespect and sham the was forced on me.I really need are dm to get in contact with me her name is sereana.

A new girl took my order for the burgers and was charging me extra money for the lettuce and tomato slice per burger.I went thru drive thru at wendys last night and on sign it said free frosty with meal in 2016 when i got to window they had to get manager because no one knew anything about it finally after 10 min waiting manager walks outside to look at sign he comes back in and says thats only if you have the wendys keychain tab which they were out of thats not what the sign said false advertisement.Later an employee stands right in front of us and yells to someone behind the counter.The second time I called the listen to me I heard them breathing then the hung up again in the middle of me talking.This may not seem like a big deal to you folks but It is to me when young folks are rude.We left with our food to eat at my office but we still could not eat because the way it made us feel and where we could not get that odor off of our togo bags and the way our cloths smelt like and from the way the food smelled like.No one seems to have the brains to suggest giving us the cups to return to the counter to get good soft serve upon finishing our meal.Ordered 3 cheeseburger combos, pd 21.61 for the worst meal ever.

When I received my order I checked it befor leaving the drive thru.They clearly higher whomever to take care of their customers and do not care how the people are treated in something so very minor as this.You need to get him back ASAP and fire the person who fired him.The service was terrible, and there were not enough employees working to take care of the customers.Not only that but as I looked through the window on my way back to my car, there was a woman locked inside the store (NOT IN UNIFORM) laughing and chatting it up with the employees while her children (under 5) were in the car with the windows down and engine running.I thought I would eat somewhat healthy while doing some Christmas shopping.

Thank you for your input, it is greatly appreciated and I will share with my managers and employees to improve upon.One of the managers is very lazy, Disrespectful to the employees n customers.I will not do business with Legacy Restuarant Group in Topeka, Ks.I wanted to be fair and give them notice, but I needed to get on the right medication so I could function.I was a foster mom for many years, so I support anyone who supports children.Nobody came out to wipe down tables the whole time we were there, or do any kind of cleaning whatsoever.We watched 2 vehicles leave, one made people back up in line, the other went over the cement and left.They dint wipe under cabinets nor do they move machines to be cleaned underneath.

I will take this further and I WILL call my attorney in the morning.The servers were rude, the condiment bar was empty of catchup, napkins, medium drink lids and when I tried to get help, I was ignored.I had quick service for an unedible Apple and chicken salad from takeout window.I began to look up things online and began to see scores not matching.I am really upset for the way she is with the girls n my daughter n the customers. Thank you.The young man at the cashier window was kind but I did not receive a receipt with my order.When I told the head general manager about these issues she told me that they were being dismissed because they were not properly handled.Take detailed notes and keep a written record of any conversations you have with the employer.Perhaps someone from corporate needs to go undercover to see what is taking place in your establishments or maybe you need to have client surveys to get an idea where your establishments are falling short.

I was returning home from vacation and stopped at the store located at 1709 Boulevard in Colonial Heights VA.You need to take a look at this Wendys seriously. the good workers get punished and the supervisors are vendictive against them when they get reported.But apparently she felt it was more important to talk and finish the conversation.

He did not apologize or offer a solution for the food I paid for, stating no mistake was made and hanging up.The management of the store is so unprofessional and poorly run.Dora and Toby are the best and the hardest worker at wendys in MONCKS CORNER SOUTH CAROLINA.

And then i watched him work on the front registers and a customer cane to ask for something and he rolled his eyes and said really are you kidding me and stomped off.He did, which I appreciated, he told me to contact the ADT company, but to request to to speak to their distributive branch, so I did and was told by a man named Dave who told me to wait until the end of the set maximum pay period (semi-monthly) by the state of Ohio, then to send a complaint directly to corporate office on the 3rd of January.

When I called the 1-888 I could leave no comment as I had no I digit store number.Not since Stephen Tyler crashed through the wall on Run-D.M.C. has an unexpected teaming worked so well.Common sense when serving food dictates including required utinsels.Today I was sent home early because I chose to speak with her about the situation.I asked for the manager and she informed me that she was the manager.Coffee ordered and paid for, too much trouble for someone to pour it.

Hello my name is mary morgan and I work at the wendys on 1100 dublin road in Columbus ohio.This location was pretty good for a long time, and somehow you have lost it in the last couple months.One specific employee seemed excited and I was very happy to see her approach at the store. (Working fast food sucks) She had yelled another employees name which I do have to say was loud but you could tell she was excited.I understand people try to get free food all the time, but I am not one of those kind of people.After being released from hospital reported this to Manager ( I have names, but will not state or post).The breakfast was worse, a country biscuit coated in day old bacon and egg grease.

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Further, do you not know the dammages behind this slack-handedness.I want my voice to be her they need to make sure employee have 100% satification not 100% dissatisfied.

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